Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Blog Rules...

I have no idea on what I will write here... I don not know why I blog... I don't even know if I can write... write well that is. What I do know is that I need a release.

And that is probably all I will do. Vent.

It is possible that over a period of time, the content on the blog will automatically fall into some sort of pattern. But I will make no attempts to achieve that deliberately.

I also promise to refrain from making deliberate and concious efforts to think of topics to write on.

I don't know who will read this. It does not matter if no one does.

I don't know if I can write and contribute to the blog religiously. I don't think that I have the discipline to write regularly and I will make no efforts to make a disciplined effort to do so now. I will write only when I want to and when I feel like . And if I ever write again, I don’t claim that I may have something specific to write about.

This blog is likely to be a narcissistic effort at self indulgence.

I promise myself never to make a conscious effort to read, re-read and edit once I finish writing.

I will refrain from making any efforts to be politically correct.

I will express myself even if I am likely to hurt sentiments - even my own.

I will be spontaneous (if I ever write again).

I will not refrain from naming names

I will forever be incognito. Yes. I am a coward.

I will not claim that the rambling on this blog are opinions or statements that I have absolute and complete belief in. My opinions will change as the information that I have changes.

I will contradict myself. Across different blog entries and even within each blog entry

I do not claim that I will never plagarise.

I will, in all probability, never stick to the edicts that I have stated above.


manisha said...

and that all is exactly what one does when one writes:D!!!!

thnk u so much for ur comments! an unexpected comment on a dormant blog is a lease of life, trust me!

and d "no smoking" comment, i will cherish forever, considering u loved it! thnks again!

As the Mind Meanders said...

How did you get here... Even I couldn't remember the way back here to this long forgotten post...

But it does feel good to get a comment on my first ever post...

Thank You... and why are your dormant... get active mate... we need you...

manisha said...

at first i thought u were claiming that ur blog "rules"..thats how i got here!

then i understood, they were rules!
dormant, i dnt knw...can neone explain y one is lazy?

also slow internet connection adds to this!
*basking in d pamaperings*...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
As the Mind Meanders said...

@ Choco...

When it comes to you... I never wonder... I stopped a long time back... you are capable of as many nice and weird things as I am :-)

Shanu said...

I was here!

PS: Dekh kitna miss kar rahi hai tereko..tere blog posts main tujhe dhund rahi hai :P

Anonymous said...


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