Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Cry to Die

How does one
Write ones heart down
What does one
Do to cry

Where does one
Go to hide now
When does one
Learn to die

Or does one
Take a breath now
Dull the senses
And learn to lie

Its been sometime now
I have this desire
For you to save me
And kill me while
I sing this song now
A song of hope
This optimist's whine

This pain I cant
Bear to live with
Its not for me
This sickly white

Loved ones wailing
Despair and strife
And all I do
Is watch a wall clock
And watch time go by

Not a finger
I can move
While these machines
Keep me alive

On them I depend
To breathe and live
On you I depend
To use your knife

If you hear me
Do me this favour
Switch off this machines
This man made life

All it take is
A little love son
And some courage

This act son
I do encourage

Random surfing of the net.. brought me to stories... of long spells of coma... and vegetation... and euthanasia.... and they brought me confusion... on ethics... and wrong... and right...

I don't promote euthanasia... I think its wrong... but I feel for those... those that sleep... sleep unwillingly... and die each day... because of life... man-made life...

What do you have to say???

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Wordsmith

Moments of magic
Begging to be captured
With deft strokes of a paintbrush
Or the illusory magnificence of light

And then the master without a brush
She paints them into a life stream
No paint, no prints, no photos
Just moments reformed into words,
Refreshed, redefined and recreated

This master without a brush
With a master-stroke unparalleled
Then breathes life into words
And sets them free to live

And then the words
Unrestrained and unrestricted
By physical forms and compulsions
Roam free and far
To spread the word
Of their masters art

And those blessed moments of magic...

This post is inspired and dedicated to This is That.... I am currently drunk on her latest post called... ahem... Wordsmith

People... the post is absolute MAGIC.... Read it to believe it...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Story Teller

Sleep Like A Cat... Choco's Lesser known blog that contains one of the best blog posts that I have read... EVER...