Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Cry to Die

How does one
Write ones heart down
What does one
Do to cry

Where does one
Go to hide now
When does one
Learn to die

Or does one
Take a breath now
Dull the senses
And learn to lie

Its been sometime now
I have this desire
For you to save me
And kill me while
I sing this song now
A song of hope
This optimist's whine

This pain I cant
Bear to live with
Its not for me
This sickly white

Loved ones wailing
Despair and strife
And all I do
Is watch a wall clock
And watch time go by

Not a finger
I can move
While these machines
Keep me alive

On them I depend
To breathe and live
On you I depend
To use your knife

If you hear me
Do me this favour
Switch off this machines
This man made life

All it take is
A little love son
And some courage

This act son
I do encourage

Random surfing of the net.. brought me to stories... of long spells of coma... and vegetation... and euthanasia.... and they brought me confusion... on ethics... and wrong... and right...

I don't promote euthanasia... I think its wrong... but I feel for those... those that sleep... sleep unwillingly... and die each day... because of life... man-made life...

What do you have to say???


Ravali said...

excellent ... true to D word to the deepest .

Shanu said...

Your poem is deep Mr Mind..I have often wondered how ppl in coma must difficult it is to live on when life has no meaning anymore, how difficult it is when you want to hold the ones you love but cant, when you want to be a part of their joys, their sorrow but your body refuses to obey wat your mind says,how difficult it is to see your loved ones put their lives on hold for you while you can do nothing but wait..

My friend was asked to make a choice, either let his mom survive on life support where she had a minimal chance of survival + heavy hospital bills or to let her go. He choose the latter. And I still havent forgiven him for that.

Call me sadist if you will, but I can never let anyone close to me go away without a fight. Even if it means taking that 0.000001% chance at life..their life.

But if tables were turned, I would want the plug to be pulled right away.

Same situation, different decisions. Because it is easier for you to make a choice for yourself. How do you make that choice for some1 else. How do you then live with the guilt..with the niggling doubt that maybe..just maybe things wld have been different had u waited a few days, a few hrs, a few mins, a few secs more??

Thousif Raza said...

that poem is so deep.... so so deep... gives so many thoughts... and is so resplendent :)... liked it a lot

take care and keep writing.........

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Nikita Banerjee said... make me question so many things! I share your thoughts on euthanasia. Don't know what to say...which side to take.

Its very murky out there.

Nikita Banerjee said...
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moonlite:D said...

too good! :)

Gymnast said...

Theoretically , rationally , when i think with my mind , i would say making somebody live with the help of machines for a prolonged period of time is cruelty..and foolishness.

But when i think with my heart , my heart , that never NEVER gives up hope , i think i would go to any end to let a loved one live , just to see him/her day in and day out..even if he/she cant breathe on his own.

Love is just too selfish.

Nikita Banerjee said...

Where are you? Update please!

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