Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Simple Life

I put up a forum post recently in this bloggers forum called A Blog Post Written By You... That You Love the Most. The idea was to find some good blogs to follow.

The post got some 25 odd responses and I discovered a number of great blogs. But the one that stood out and simply blew me away is a blog called "A Simple Life" written by this chap called Ravi Lobo.

The writing, in my opinion, is outstanding, simple, lucid and fresh.

The reason I put this up is because I have a feeling that the number of people who don't know about this excellent little blog far outnumber the ones who do...

Give it a read... I promise you will not regret...


Ravi Lobo said...

Thank you, again.

Anonymous said...

I liked it very much too.Put some comments too for Ravi.
Thanks for recommending.

Anonymous said...

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