Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Making a Case for Singledom

I am now pushing the outer limits of what our society defines as being of a “marriageable age”. My friends who have grown up with me appear to be falling like nine pins all around me. As they fall, I see a number of these strong fellow dissenters turning conformists. At every given opportunity, on every given occasion, over every single drink, after every few sentences, these new born believers make all possible efforts to draw me into their ranks.
In no time have they moved from drawing up lists of potential downsides to sermonizing on the many apparent virtues. Non-acceptance and strong arguments against these sermons are now looked down upon as “poor” excuses of an unreasonably adamant mind.
And add to that mix a very strong portion of "concerned" relatives. If you dont get the picture yet... your possibly married...

But I refuse to be cowed down. I stand tall as a dissenter. And my rationale… Tim Harford has been able to articulate my thought process best in his book “The Logic of Life”, he writes:
“Imagine a young man who is thinking of trying a new drug. He knows that everybody who tries it loves it, at least at first. Then some users find their lives degenerate into an increasingly desperate and futile attempt to recapture the initial buzz, leading to the pain of cold turkey or the anguish of eternal, unfulfilling addiction. Others seem to enjoy the highs and remain quite content for the rest of their lives. He has no way of knowing into which category he will fall. Is it rational for him to ingest the drug?
Now, replace ‘drugs’ with ‘marriage’ and ‘quitting’ with ‘divorce’ in the above paragraph.

I am yet to know, with any degree of certainty, on the category that I belong to. And I am happy to wait patiently for enlightenment.

And while I wait, I am busy enjoying every minute of ignorance. I am free. Free to come and go as I please without having to answer to anyone. Meet, interact and love as many wonderful women as I can. Indulge in as many vices as my conscience allows.
Free from guilt and free from the sort of personal responsibility and accountability that, to me at least, appears to add little value. Free to put the most productive phase of my life to optimum use.
For those who make a case for the need for companionship in the long run - In the long run we are all dead. Why bother.
I am happy. I love my life mate… And I don’t do drugs :-)


j k said...

The post can certainly be a weapon for any person being single. But you have left out the divorce portion of the verses from Tim add that too pal. Its very interesting

Anonymous said...

I think you will like my post -

and also my courage :)as I am married.

Anonymous said...
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As the Mind Meanders said...

@ Choco

Eeeeks... Salman chacha

Anonymous said...

This post is the real you... Only you are not the kind who stand apart from the crowd as a matter of choice... You are as common as common can be... You are a horrible low life that should never have been blessed with the ability to put words together into any sensible form... And you got it right when you said Free from guilt and free from the sort of personal responsibility and accountability that, to me at least, appears to add little value. ... That is the real very obese stinky you!